Tired handling your customers e-mails?

Heaven forbid.

The fact that customers are always need quick responses from us could not be denied. Good news is there are many tools to help you with this.

Have you tried Green Desktiny? Well, we hope it is desktined to help small-medium business handling their customers faster and easier.

Green Desktiny is carefully developed to help small-medium business owners handling their customers. This web based customer support comes with simple and clean interface yet with powerful features.

Tickets Management are made in such efficient and effective manner. You can even handling all tickets inside one single page for many actions such as: Reply, Multi Reply, Close, Lock, Marking etc. For details, you are welcome to see and try the online demo

Key features:
1. Simple, clean and powerful tickets management. Including: Predefined Replies and Quick Filter.
2. Excellent knowledgebase management. Categories, keywords and related articles.
3. Articles advising when customer is about submitting ticket
4. Internal announcement for staff and private schedule.
5. Simple News Management.
6. Unlimited Staff, Users and Departments.
7. Support multilingual (left-to-right;utf8).
8. Smarty based template.

Increased response time
Increased customer satisfaction
The PHP source code is open
Free update and support for 1 year from greendesktiny.com

Check out for the demo at Front End and Staff Panel

" I have used quite a few helpdesks both perl and php, and I must say that I am truly impressed with Green Desktiny. This is a mature, well-conceived support solution that is actively being developed and that has a very reasonable price. " Will - ArmyNavy.com

" ... looking for a clean and simple approach to providing a help desk service with a knowledgebase. After an extensive search and many demos, we settled on Green Desktiny. The product has exceeded our expectations in that it is feature-rich yet easy to use with a clean user interface. Installation was a snap and technical support is very responsive and willing to help ... " BB Consulting - USA

" Symetrix is a company of around 20 people in Grenoble (FRANCE), developping a LCMS (Course Liner) and e-learning content for large companies like Renault, Credit Lyonnais, DCN,... As we are having more and more telephone/mail support, we want to reorganise our support to be more efficient. Your tool seems simple though powerfull enough for our needs ... " Symetrix - France
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